Inside Hamsters Game Lab

„Once upon a time,
on a distant plane,
a small playful hamster,
sat on a can.”
                                                     -Game Legends,
author unknown



Zenge is a new relaxing puzzle game, telling through art and music the story of Eon – a lonely journeyman who’s stuck between the worlds and time.


In a very blue world of a very square box, there is green, red and blue, and a puzzle to solve.

Android                  iOS                 Kongregate

Guide Hubble back home. Treat him like a Cue Ball. Bounce him off different space things, that floats on screen without any good explanation. Give him some good teleportation on later levels. As far as he said to Hamster, he grew fond of it.




More adventures of Hubble.
This time he is stuck in deep space floating on weird bubbles. In the game you’ll find white floor, that seems to have gravity effect on Hubbles space ship. And the engines are out. And in fact you can’t even control Hubble Space One, you actually control the bubbles. They jump up and hit Hubble so he can get some pretty motion-sickness driving spinning and fly like a weird washing machine drum.
To top it up, you observe it all through a distant telescope.

Android                 iOS

Behold yourself, as the Galactic Carnage X Killer is comming!
Finally! After too many days spent in the crio of my space ship, the sleep-control system went to alarm mode like crazy, waking me up stuffed with adrenaline, steroids and drugs! I knew I have to act quick. Hull breach, aliens everywhere, I will get my revenge and die! Now, where’s my gun…